Platform Containers

Platform containers consist solely of a floor structure with an extremely high loading capacity made up of a strong steel frame and wooden floor, they have no side or end walls as flat racks have. The high loading capacity makes it possible to concentrate heavy weights on small areas making them the most suitable choice for overweight / over sized cargo such as specialist oil and gas equipment. Platforms can be lashed together for cargoes which exceed the load capacity / space of a single platform container.

Platform containers come in 20’ and 40’ dimensions and comply with ISO standards for freight containers. 40’ platform containers have gooseneck tunnels at each end to assist with transportation by road.

Lashing rings to which cargo may be secured are installed in the side rails and can take loads of up to 3000kg to ensure the cargo is safely secured to the container for transport.

Platform Cargo Container Specifications

Specifications for 20′ and 40′ Platform Cargo Containers

20′ Platform Container 40′ Platform Container
Cargo Capacity 24,000 kg (52,896 lbs.) 39,200 kg (86,397 lbs.)
Tare Weight 2,750 kg (6.061 lbs.) 5,800 kg (12,783 lbs.)
Length 6.085m (19’11″) 12.90m (40’00″)
Width 2.438m (8’00″) 2.40m (8’00″)
Height 2.233m (7’04″) 1.95m (6’5″)