[two_third] Open top containers are very similar to general purpose containers with the main difference being the removable bows and roof tarpaulin, the door header of open top containers may also be swivelled out to allow for great accessibility. These unique features greatly simplify the process of packing and unpacking the container, in particular it is very easy to pack and unpack the container from above or through the doors by crane or crab when the roof is open and door swivelled out. Most open top containers are built to ISO 20’ standards although ISO standard 40’ containers are also available.

The removable bows of an open top container are not solely to support the tarpaulin roof but also to contribute to the stability of the container. Over height cargoes are ideal for these containers but care should be taken when considering top heavy cargo which would be better suited to either flat rack or platform containers.

Lashing rings, to which the cargo can be secured, are installed in the upper and lower side rails and corner posts to help sufficiently secure cargoes to the container, the lashing rings can handle loads of up to 1000kg. [/two_third]

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