7 Reasons Why ShipMonk is the Smart 3PL Choice

Just as online shoppers have a lot of choices when it comes to where to take their business, ecommerce brands have many options for where to take theirs in terms of order fulfillment. But don’t pick too quick! While there are plenty of 3PLs out there that your ecommerce brand could consider for its order fulfillment needs, not all are equal. 

For your business to truly thrive you need a 3PL partner that brings everything you need to the table AND MORE. We’re talking the tools, technology, and team members who set you up for success on all fronts. That’s what ShipMonk is all about, so if you’ve been searching for an ecommerce fulfillment partner, or a less-limiting 3PL, take a look at these 7 key reasons why ShipMonk is the 3PL of choice for evolving ecommerce brands. 

1.) Superior 3PL Software

Omnichannel ecommerce order fulfillment is a complex, multi-tiered operation. With so many moving parts, it can be easy to get lost or overwhelmed. Never fear; an expert 3PL can eliminate that stress with the right software. And a global-leading 3PL like ShipMonk can help you
“stress less and grow more” as our company motto dictates.

Our 3PL software was designed  with a user-friendly, one-stop-shop mindset so ecommerce business owners can easily manage all layers of their operation. In a nutshell, ShipMonk’s proprietary 3PL software offers you mastery of:

Order Management

Inventory Management

Warehouse Management

Fulfillment Automation

Market Integrations

All Order Data (Real-time and Historical)

Add to that, when using ShipMonk 3PL software, you’ll always have complete transparency and access to customer support. So don’t wait, take our short 3PL platform tour now and discover how you can take advantage of more opportunities, reduce errors, make better business decisions, and save time and money!

2.) Advanced 3PL Automation

ShipMonk has an experienced team of 3PL experts across our 12 state-of-the-art locations. However, to fulfill +75K orders daily and help ecommerce brands of all sizes across all verticals grow, the best technology is also needed. 

When ShipMonk started, one of the driving forces was shaking up the long-static logistics industry with innovation that would allow ecommerce brands to grow and scale optimally. We’ve kept that value at our core since then with the smart and strategic infusion of advanced 3PL technology in our facilities. Some areas of optimization in our order fulfillment centers are:

Cubiscan® Dimensioning Systems

Automated Sorting

Advanced Software

Optimized Picking Routes

Picking Automation

Packing Automation

What all our 3PL technology has in common is that these systems work together with our 3PL staff to ensure 4X faster pick rates than the ecommerce industry average alongside 99.9% accuracy. This combo has made ShipMonk one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S. for years, and is the reason so many ecommerce brands have been able to grow and scale with us.

3.) Virtual Carrier Network

Every ecommerce brand wants orders delivered on time at the best possible rate. Unfortunately, sometimes supply chain disruptions, differing carrier restrictions, and fluctuating costs can keep that from happening. To remedy this annoying situation, ShipMonk created our Virtual Carrier Network. 

This advanced transportation management and rate shopping strategy removes guesswork while infusing flexibility. Basically our 3PL does the due diligence to ensure you’re always getting the best shipping costs and speeds within your budget while keeping you carrier-agnostic i.e. keeping you from being handcuffed to any one shipping rate, service, transportation network, etc. All in all, with our Virtual Carrier Network, you can:

Leverage ShipMonk’s Buying Power to Reduce Shipping Costs

Predict Spend and Performance Analysis

Remain Shipping Carrier-agnostic

Keep Track of Shipping Performance Metrics

Manage Allocation by Carrier Capacity Constraints

Pay No Additional Cost 

Master Effortless Shipping Mapping

Since our 3PL has optimal relationships with all the major shipping carriers, the VCN allows your business to pivot and adjust shipping selections quickly so you’re always using the best options available. Explore all the benefits of the Virtual Carrier Network now, to appreciate the positive impact our 3PL can have on your ecommerce brand.

4.) 2-Day Shipping

In today’s gotta-have-it-now atmosphere, your shipping speeds and costs could determine how well you’re able to compete in the ecommerce marketplace. Fast delivery is an important value add-on to shoppers who have been molded to expect quicker delivery times year over year. That being said, speedy shipping can be pricey, so your ecommerce brand needs a solution that satisfies your customers’ desire for speed and your margins. ShipMonk offers the perfect balance between the two with 2-day shipping. It’s quick, it’s cost-effective, and it’s easy to implement. When you leverage 2-day shipping, you’ll be able to attain benefits like: 

Reduced Cart Abandonment

Increased Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Expanded Your Seller Talking Points

Sound like something you want to implement? We thought so! Don’t worry; this happy medium in the shipping world is simple to get started with at ShipMonk. You can even learn the basics right now with our ShipMonk 2-day Shipping 2-torial.

5.) Section 321 Fulfillment

Importing inventory from overseas manufacturers can be expensive and stressful. Unlike other 3PLs, ShipMonk alleviates strain in both ways with Section 321 fulfillment. Section 321 is one of the ecommerce industry’s best-kept secrets to get through customs quickly while saving on import duties and tariffs. At a glance, it’s 100% compliant with the United States Border and Customs Patrol (CBP) and will allow you to:

Save on Import Duties

Optimize Freight Shipping

Leverage Fulfillment Possibilities

Avoid Pesky Paperwork

This ecommerce order fulfillment service lets ShipMonk clientele quickly clear customs and save exponentially on import fees by going through our Mexico fulfillment center. The number one qualifier for Section 321 fulfillment services is that your shipment must be valued at less than or equal to $800. Additionally, you can only send one shipment to one address per day. Multiple shipments are not allowed and may be subject to a fine. Past that, most companies qualify, and certain categories of ecommerce brands can save even more. For instance:

+25% savings on apparel

+20% savings on home goods

+20% savings on electronics

+20% savings on luggage

Not all 3PLs are able to help ecommerce brands grow globally the way ShipMonk can, which is why not all 3PLs offer Section 321 fulfillment as a shipping solution. If your ecommerce brand imports from international sources, this is definitely a reason why ShipMonk should be your 3PL of choice. Have more questions? Check out our Section 321 FAQs and supplementary article on why Section 321 is your solution to import savings

6.) MonkProtect

MonkProtect is a post-purchase suite that helps ecommerce brands “stress less and grow more” by protecting ecommerce orders. If lost, stolen, damaged, or incorrect deliveries are breaking your customers’ trust and negatively impacting your profitability, or you just want to avoid these issues in the first place, this ShipMonk solution can help your ecommerce brand immensely. Benefits include:

Package Protection for Lost, Stolen, Damaged, or Incorrect Orders 

Automated Claims Portal

Additional Revenue Streams Per Order

Branded Tracking

Excellent Post-Purchase Experience

Seamless Integration with ShipMonk

Rapid Claims Resolution and Instant Reships

There are, of course, many other layers to MonkProtect that we’d love to share with you, so familiarize yourself with this innovative post-purchase suite now!

7.) Happiness Engineers

ShipMonk understands how demanding it can be to run an ecommerce brand, which is why our “customer service” team members offer the highest caliber of support. We even call our support staff “Happiness Engineers” because they embody our 3PL’s “stress less and grow more” mantra. Some qualities that all ShipMonk Happiness Engineers bring to the table include:

Logistics & Shipping Expertise

Problem Solving Ability

Truly Listening to Clientele

Friendly Attitude

Multitasking Capability

Tech Savvy

Ability to Adapt

Proactive in Duties

In sum, ShipMonk’s award-winning customer service is all about offering swift, reliable, dedicated support to ecommerce brands who already have enough on their plates. If that kind of attention sounds good to you, and you’re tired of being frustrated with outsourced, uncaring, even robotic support for your ecommerce brand, ShipMonk is the 3PL for your business!.

Global Growth Starts with Getting the Right Partner

There are plenty of 3PLs out there, but just as there are plenty of planets in our solar system, not all can foster growth. ShipMonk designed its omnichannel order fulfillment services so ecommerce brands could thrive, not simply survive. Our unique, powerful technology and tools lead to efficiency and accuracy while our expert team ensures you’re taken care of every step of the way.

Overall, our 3PL is in the business of growth. In the obvious sense that is evident in our expanding international presence, globally competitive shipping solutions, and of course our aforementioned import and export services. However, underneath those elements are the day-to-day ways our software and staff meet your 3PL needs so you can grow globally.

If you’re an ecommerce brand looking to partner with a 3PL that’ll situate you for success, look no further. Contact ShipMonk today to get started; we’re more than happy to customize 3PL solutions to fit all your needs.

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